Dream Big: What is your Dream?

Me, in February: Roaming Riley: A Delmarva Adventure is coming soon, in Spring 2020!

Covid-19, in March: Think again!

If you’re reading this blog right when I’m posting it in April 2020, then you’re right in the thick of it with me. Staying at home, social distancing when out in public (only for essential reasons of course), and starting to go a little crazy. Plans, such as mine, for publishing my book, have been put on hold indefinitely.

Perhaps you’re finding this much later, and it means you’ve read my book(s) and want to learn more.

Either way, welcome! I’m glad you’ve found me.

When I first decided to design a website, I simply wanted a place to showcase my books and give readers a chance to learn about me as an author. I created the pages, loaded my basic information, developed the “Pawsitively Precious Pets” page, and was ready to open it up to the world.

Then I started thinking: Who do I want to visit this website? Once they’ve checked me out, why should they come back?

Aside from the really adorable pet pictures, I didn’t have an answer.

That’s the story of how this blog started.